Inferno Scripts

Inferno is an operating system designed by the same folks who gave us Plan 9 (and UNIX for that matter), and it shares much of the same design principals, and even some code, with Plan 9. Nevertheless Inferno is a completely different operating system. The most novel aspect of Inferno is that it can run as a userland client on top of a host operating system, be that UNIX, Plan 9 or Windows. (it can also run natively as the host operating system) This is somewhat similar to the concept of Java, except that Inferno not only provides a programming language (it does provide a unique language similar to Go; Limbo), but a fully functional operating system as well.

The following collection of programs are simple shell scripts that usually don't have dependencies beyond standard system utilities, but some scripts also depend on other scripts in the same package. They should work out of the box.

To install the scripts (from a UNIX host) run the following commands:

tar zxf ~/Downloads/package.tar.gz
chmod +x dis/*

The details here may vary depending on your setup. For example Inferno may run hosted on UNIX, Plan9 or Windows, or run natively as the host os. As mentioned the above instructions assume that you are executing the commands from a UNIX host, the following commands however assume you are running from within the Inferno environment.

The executable files are placed in $home/dis, the manuals in $home/man/[1-9], and finally some data files may be placed in $home/lib. You can check the contents of a package before installing it if you want:

tar tzf package.tar.gz

To run these scripts directly and view their manpages, you can bind them to the system files by adding these two lines to /lib/wmsetup (this will only take effect when you run the desktop wm/wm):

bind -a $home/dis /dis
for dir in $home/man/* { bind -a $dir `{echo $dir | sed 's,'$home',,'} }