Script Games

Don't get your hopes up! "Games" here should probably read: "increadibly booring educational tools and humorless jokes". Its just a collection of simple semi-recreational oddities, kudos to anyone who manages to have fun with them!


rdate, rrdate

These tools mimic the UNIX command date, but prints the date according to the Classic Ravtaalian Calendar of Progress (rdate), or the Revised Ravtaalian Calendar (rrdate). You can also specify a date other then the current one, if a julian date is given, the scripts will translate it into ravtaalian dates, and vice versa.

rcal, rcalendar, rat, rcron

These scripts uses rdate and rrdate as backends, and lets you use the classic UNIX utilities cal, calendar, at and cron with ravtaalian dates (see manuals for details). All of these scripts handle both the classical and the revised ravtalian calendar. To get the scripts to use the revised calendar rename them so they begin with rr (eg. ln rcal rrcal).


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