Plan 9 Scripts

These are simple rc scripts that should work out of the box on most Plan 9 systems. They have been tested on 9front, 9legacy and Harvey. They usually don't have dependencies beyond standard system utilities, but some scripts also depend on other scripts in the same package.

To install the scripts run the following commands:

tar zxf package.tar.gz
chmod +x $home/bin/rc/*

The executable files are placed in $home/bin/rc, the manuals in $home/man/[1-8], and finally some date files may be placed in $home/lib. You can check the contents of a package before installing it if you want:

tar tzf package.tar.gz

To read the manpages directly with man, either copy them to your system man pages: dircp $home/man /sys/man, or bind them to your system man pages by adding this line to your $home/lib/profile:

for(dir in $home/man/*){ bind -b $dir /sys^`{echo $dir | sed 's,'$home',,'} }