Script Games

Don't get your hopes up! "Games" here should probably read: "increadibly booring educational tools and humorless jokes". Its just a collection of simple semi-recreational oddities, kudos to anyone who manages to have fun with them!


rdate, rrdate

These tools mimic the UNIX command date, but prints the date according to the Classic Ravtaalian Calendar of Progress (rdate), or the Revised Ravtaalian Calendar (rrdate).

rcal, rrcal

These tools mimic the UNIX command cal, but prints the monthly calendar according to the Ravtaalian Calendar of Progress. rcal for the classic, and rrcal for the revised version of this calendar.

rcalendar, rrcalendar

Like the above examples, these tools also mimic a classic UNIX tool, calendar, but uses the Ravtaalian Calendar of Progress.

rcron, rrcron

These are helper tools for sysadmins using Ravtaalian dates, they can take crontabs with such dates and convert them into regular dates, that your systems cron daemon can understand.

rat, rrat

These are just thin wrappers around the at command, they let you schedule commands using Ravtaalian dates.


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