Frequently Asked Questions

You mentioned that "pspodcasting" was meant to host a Linux podcast right? When can we expect to hear it?

Realistically? Never. But I am corruptable, so forward a million bitcoins or something, and we'll talk terms.

Your site loads images extremely slowly

Use lynx. You could also try the backup server (it's a slightly better then the real server)

Your PDF's look but ugly in my browser

They do look terrible in Firefox, and plausibly other browsers. Try a different browser, or download it and read it in a real PDF reader.

Your website is but ugly, can you fix it please?

For your information I diligently copy paste a whole line of CSS on each and every one of my HTML files for your viewing pleasure. I mean, what more do you want from me? Blood?

Seriously though, I used to employ the Twitter Bootstrap framework on my sites, but replaced all of that horrid goo with the above mentioned CSS line. It made it look better in Chrome, work better in Mothra, and reduced my web code with more then 7000 lines. If you know of a way I can reduce my website with thousands of lines, and still improve things, let me know!

Why don't you delete your web site? That will reduce it by thousands of lines and improve things.

Oh, snap!

I think your blog is sanctimonious and offensive, can you fix it please?

I am sorry to hear that. Arrogance is indeed one of my many character flaws, and blogs, by their very nature, have a tendency to become opinionated. But don't take the snarky commentary too seriously, it is largely written for the sake of humor. I welcome any constructive criticisms and apologize to anyone whom I may have offended.

Your blog seems extremely obscure and weird, why do you even write it?

I know right. I'll tell you a true story: I was Googling around some time ago to find information for one of these blog posts. I searched and searched for hours and could not find a single thing out there on the internet, then I suddenly stumbled over an article that talked exactly about the subject I was interested in. A lengthy article too! I couldn't believe it, gleefully I poored over the text. It took a moment or two before I realized: Wait a minute... this is my website!

For the record though, some human beings have reportedly read my blog. I know because they emailed me. True, you can never be sure about these things, but they didn't seem like robots to me. Robots would be more subtle.

What kind of qualification do you have?

None. I'm just a hobbyist who can berely spell.

Do you like, hate, Windows?


Do you like, hate, Windows users?

Sigh. Look, the fact that I think Unix is "better" then Windows, does not mean that I am a "better" person then you. First of all "better" is subjective. Windows is significantly better then Unix at being popular and having the most programs. Although pragmatic, that definition of "better" is shallow and harmful in my personal opinion. It would be like saying that Coca Cola is the best drink, because this vendor sells the most cans and have the highest sugar content. Although idealistic, my point of view is that code quality and ease of automation are more serious criterias to look for in a good operating system. I am a coffee man myself, but I don't think coffee drinkers are "good guys" and Coca Cola drinkers are "bad guys", I just think that coffee is a good drink.

But I will say this: There are many haters out there who scream loudly "Coffee's terrible! What's wrong with your tastebuds?!? Don't you know that Coca Cola is SWEET?" Hey man, drink whatever you want, I'm not your dentist. I realize that it would be hell for you to learn to like coffee, but if you did make the effort, you might actually find it very liberating once the sugar addiction is broken. I know I'm glad I made the change. Of course there are many good alternatives to coffee, such as tea, but switching to Pepsi or Dr.Pepper will not help. The vendor may be different, but the problem is still the same. Having that said, drinking a can of Coce will not kill you, and I think all of us do so once in a while. In any event, these are just my random thoughts on beverages, feel free to heed or ignore them as you see fit.

Do you hate Apple?

I have never used their products.

Why don't your blog feature Amiga or OS/2?

See answer above.

What operating system do you use as a daily driver?

I used to be a Slackware user, but nowadays I chiefly do my stuff in 9front and OpenBSD (I am still a "Slacker" of course...)

What's your favorite editor and desktop?

Acme and rio. I have no strong feelings about the various UNIX editors and desktops, although I tend to use vi and cwm. (yes I do actually like ed, but I rarely use it for interactive text editing...)

What's your favorite browser?

My what?

What's your favorite pony?


What kind of smart phone do you use?

I use a feature phone (sxmo looks cool though).

Do you like, hate, modern technology?

No, I love computer technology. And despite a fascination for history, I do not think something is automatically good because it is old, just as I don't think something is automatically good because it is new. I want my software to be as practical and as "good" as possible, but only within the limits of what I can understand and mold to my needs. Commercial companies invading every minute facet of my life, and pampering to my every wish before I knew I had one, does not impress me. Quite the contrary, I find that kind of "love" repulsive. In practice, sadly, using simple systems will often restrict you to the old and obscure. Am I at fault, or is the world all wrong? Maybe the truth lies somewhere in between...

Do you like, read hardcover books and write letters by hand?

Of course. Daily. Don't you?

Do you have any interests besides computers?

Oh yes, but this site is, largely, not about them.

Who is this James fellow?

A good friend of mine from Southern England. Unlike me, he isn't so much into weird stuff, but more into mainstream entertainment, such as introspective mustelid poetry and pseudo-frisian conlangs (His wife is super geeky though). He has written books these subjects, and if you're into that kind of thing, you might enjoy his website.

Who is this Magne fellow?

Another good friend of mine, from Northern Norway (he lives in Bodø like I do). Unlike me, he is a wise and reasonable guy. For instance, he doesn't spend inordinate amount of time writing obscure blogs that nobody reads, and he uses Kubuntu and Windows as his daily drivers. Btw, the podcast idea was his, but like I said, he's far too sensible to waste time on such tomfoolery (PS: If your having trouble with his weird name, it's pronounced "Dave" (it's a long story)).

Is UNIX the meaning of life?

No. You will find the answer to that question in Matthew 22:36-40.