Recent updates on my website

January 26 2023

The Ancient UNIX Guide has seen some modest updates; Images for 2.9BSD and 4.1cBSD are added, and the Appendix 2.5, which provides an alternative method of moving files to/from SIMH systems.

October 29 2022

The Operating System Complexity article has been updated to 2022 statistics (Spoiler: things have become more complex), and the AOS section now features SerenityOS. The text has also undergone a modest revision, and should contain slightly fewer embarrassing mistakes and sarcasms.

June 30 2022

The Plan 9 Desktop Guide has seen some minor additions and fixes, and there are some small updates in other articles too.

April 22 2022

Wrote a (humorous?) rant about Norwegian bureaucracy (specifically about NAV), that likely is of interest to only a very small subset of the generall population (in contrast to say, articles about Plan 9).

February 10 2022

The Slackware Desktop Guide has been updated for the new 15.0 release.

January 20 2022

Added a fairly short article about running ancient UNIX systems in SIMH. The article also provides a number of pre-installed images that can be downloaded and used right away.

January 13 2022

Added an even shorter article on how to not use the internet. It took a surprisingly long time to write this, but what can I say, you just can't rush genius ;)

December 18 2021

Added an short article raving about BSD. Also updated the Jameldic stuff a bit.

September 25 2021

The site has gotten a much needed face lift (or face drop depending on your point of view). The Twitter bootstrap CSS is now thoroughly nuked and replaced by a one liner in <style>.

August 21 2021

Due to popular demands, the The console desktop guide has seen a few updates. Such as retrofuturism, holy wars and appropriate apologies. It even has correct spelling now, on occasion. The The Plan 9 desktop guide has also seen some needed corrections. Please forward your hate mail :^)

June 10 2021

The console desktop guide has seen some updates, and for some inexplicable reason now features Colombo. Enjoy.

March 25 2021

The Plan 9 desktop guide has seen some major improvements lately. Although it still contains some errors (there will always be errors), I consider it mature enough now to drop the "work in progress" label. Enjoy, all you weird and wonderful Plan 9 fans out there!

Januar 28 2021

Wrote a short article about conserving memory usage. Reading it (in a web browser) will probably defeat the purpose :^)

April 06 2020

Yeah, about releasing my scripts... not much has happened yet. I have updated my collection of drawings though, and I have added yet another TLDR article, this time about Operating System Complexity.

June 13 2019

I have a bunch of UNIX/Plan 9 scripts on my machines, and I have been dinkering with the idea of publishing the more useful ones for years. I finally managed to get around to releasing a couple of them. Not much to brag about, but a lot of work has gone into setting up a decent testing environment, and automating packaging and documentation. Hopefully this groundwork should make it much easier to publish more scripts in the future :)

May 05 2019

And yet again there has been a very long delay with nothing happening. I published a beta article though on Plan 9 desktop usage, though I highly doubt that anyone would ever read it :^) Another obscurity: I added a few Jameldic poems...

Mar 21 2019

Boy have I been bussy lately... and consequently not much has happened on the website. Today I finally updated some of the contents, the biggest changes has been to the console desktop howto article. It is no longer considered "work in progress", although it does need some furthur refinements...

Oct 18 2018

I have started a new project, going through the old classic computer text book The UNIX Programming Environment from 1984, and commenting it using modern UNIX systems. This project will take some time, but the comments on the first chapter is ready. In the projects/docs directory you will find the book as upe.pdf, and the commentary as upe_unix.pdf. More chapters, and a Plan 9 edition comming soon.

Sep 29 2018

I have been *very* bussy this summer, so not much has happened at the website. I added a new rant today about the usefulness of text in our modern era in the blog. Not recommended reading :)

Apr 28 2018

Finally changed CSS style to a readable color scheme.

Apr 17 2018

Published an article about Slint in my blog.

Apr 15 2018

Published a very ridiculous article about making Northern-Norwegian aliases in UNIX on my blog.

Apr 12 2018

Uploaded my drawings from the previous year

Updated the rolepaying and charsheet projects to reflect the latest changes

Added some nice screenshots to the Slackware Desktop Guide, and published the unfinished Console Desktop Guide (this article need more work though...)

Mar 09 2018

The Slackware Desktop Guide saw some refinements, and I updated the Windows rant.

Feb 25 2018

Added a Slackware Desktop Guide in my blog

Jan 25 2018

Further work on roleplaying notes, added table of contents and refference index

Jan 18 2018

Roleplaying notes have undergone much refinement, and the campaign map has been photoshopped kritaed to look old.

Dec 24 2017

Released roleplaying notes for our games sessions (these are in Norwegian), and a new map for our campaign. Both of which need some furthur refinements.

Dec 8 2017

Updated the aclock scripts. Did a crude dump of my Plan 9 scripts, need to go through this stuff more thoroughly and sift out the garbage...

Dec 4 2017

Created this news index to keep track of website changes, and added some simple UNIX scripts: battery, dclock, aclock, aclock.ksh and chessclock.